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Large 50-Tonne Press Force Single Cylinder Vertical Baler (ENB500/50S)

SKU: ENB500/50S

The highly flexible mill size vertical baler and can be used in many different situations. From larger retail shops and distribution centres to warehousing and manufacturing industries with large volumes of film, plastics, cardboard or other compressible materials. The ENB500/50s with a pressing force of 50t achieves bale weights of up to 500 kg.

Main features:
  • Microprocessor control for low maintenance
  • Multilingual, clearly arranged LCD display. All work operations of the baler are displayed.
  • The bale size and a pressure change for different materials can eaily be entered.
  • Automatic start function when closing the filling door for a fast process sequence with automatic return stroke.
  • Adjustable pressing time: The pressed material such as film can be kept under pressure.
  • Easy bale binding with safe hydraulic ejection.
  • Compact & efficient hydraulic system with high pressing force at low hydraulic pressure and low drive power.
  • Connection to external dust extraction
  • Hydraulic door opener
  • Slide down door option

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