Waste handling and recycling equipment for the Engineering industry

Keeping your engineering waste handling compliant, safe and efficient

An efficient, safe and environmentally conscious waste management system is vital to the successful operation of any business. The engineering sector from civil engineering to chemical and mechanical produces vast amounts of waste, some of which is hazardous by nature and falls under the Hazardous Waste Regulation (2005).

The Enviroquip range of engineering waste handling equipment is suitable for the responsible handling and disposal of a variety of engineering wastes including metal (ferrous and non-ferrous), oils, greases, contaminated rags and solvents.

Designed to help achieve zero waste rather than zero to landfill, our range of waste handling equipment creates a seamless process from waste creation to repurpose and disposal.

Our waste segregation and waste handling equipment can be adapted to suit a range of applications and repurpose initiatives including the extraction of precious metals from filter cake, creating a rebate opportunity for engineering customers helping to off-set the cost of waste management.