Case study: Pharmaceuticals

Delivering life-changing therapies sustainably

US head-quartered PCI Pharma Services are the bridge between life-changing therapies and patients.  Part of their business in the UK offers Clinical Trial Services; highly complex and confidential services that encompass pharmaceutical development, clinical manufacturing, labeling, storage, distribution, and secure destruction.

Everything they do is underpinned by the principles of quality, expertise, and innovation to ensure regulatory compliance and peace of mind for its customers.

Its Environmental Social Governance (ESG) framework fosters environmentally sustainable performance, honours diversity, and a commitment to delivering a positive impact for colleagues, supply partners, customers, investors, patients, and their communities.

“Enviroquip offers us cost-effective solutions, but what’s as important is that our staff have confidence…We’re segregating more waste as a responsible employer and service provider.”

Working in partnership with its supply chain, PCI Pharma Services has formally established a global ESG Progamme. Commitments to reduce carbon, conserve water, improve waste management and reduce energy are central to this.

Market Sector: pharmaceuticals

Locations: Vale of Glamorgan, Blaenau Gwent, Herefordshire

“What sets Forward Waste and Enviroquip apart is that they’re solution providers – proactive and professional. It feels like you’re working in partnership with us. You iron out the bumps, and suppport us with technical expertise. ”

Maria Vize, Environmental, Health & Safety Specialist, PCI Pharma Services

Customer Benefits

Cost reduction

Environmental best practice

Carbon reduction

Customer challenge  

PCI Pharma Services have a long standing commitment to environmental best practice, and continue to push forward, improving their management practices.

Staff and customers want, and expect, evidence of waste segregation and responsible waste disposal.

Waste streams to manage across sites:

  • general waste
  • hazardous waste
  • mixed dry recyclable waste

Our approach

An integrated waste handling solution combines standard compactors plus a total waste management services was designed to address PCI Pharma Services’ specific requirements, and highest standards of hygiene and confidentiality.

Moving forward, a bespoke compactor will be designed and manufactured to enable recycling of bulk packaging. Also, waste gel pack waste will be segregated to reduce costs, and bespoke structures will be manufactured to create a new safe and secure working area for operatives. Overall recycling and disposal costs will be reduced, and a more responsible waste segregation strategy enabled.

In support of its ESG commitments, PCI Parma Services will soon be in a position to report on waste by stream, and by volume, enabling better monitoring and further continuous improvement towards its targets.

Enviroquip waste handling equipment solutions:

  • waste compactors
  • containers
  • equipment service contracts
  • future plans include: bespoke compactors and bespoke structures

Our customer impact

  • Zero to landfill
  • Progress towards ESG commitments
  • Carbon reduction
  • Significant cost reductions on gel pack waste streams
  • Reduced waste segregation
  • Colleague engagement
  • Reduced vehicle movements
  • Technical hazardous waste advice
  • Responsive, reliable service

“We’re blown away by the Enviroquip team. Their passion, knowledge and technical understanding shine through.”

Maria Vize, Environmental, Health & Safety Specialist, PCI Pharma Services