XXL Static Rotary Screw Waste Compactors

Enviroquip extra-extra-large screw compactors come with an option of a double chamber and are ideal for bulky waste items and the processing of a large volume of waste material including PET bottles, wood and cardboard.

Our range of XXL screw compactors includes models with or without feeding devices plus an optional wood breaker.

Our waste screw compactors shred the waste, reducing its volume before it has been compacted into a container. This high level of compaction results in higher payloads for a number of materials including, PET bottles, cardboard and wood.

The robust design means that our extra-extra-large waste screw compactors can be continuously operated and continue to run at optimum performance even with heavy-duty usage.

Before the installation, our engineers will work with your team to devise and deliver an in-depth training plan. This will include free ongoing support including training for new members of staff and refresher courses when needed.

All Enviroquip screw compactors are supplied with a full 12 month part and labour warranty.