Stand-Alone Bin Lifters

The Enviroquip bin lifter range is suitable for bin sizes from 240 to 1100 litres and can be integrated into other waste management systems or built as a stand-alone, mobile or stationary unit.

Our in-house manufacturing means that we can supply all bin lifter varieties for either trunnion or comb style bins.

Our bin lifters are manufactured to UK and European safety standards and are supplied with steel mesh fully enclosed cages with interlocks, eliminating possible crush points for optimum operator safety. 

The Enviroquip bin lifter further reduces the risk of injury due to the removal of the manual handling of heavy loads.

The ergonomic design includes braking castors for improved stability on portable versions and offers increased ease of manoeuvrability around your site.

The hydraulic lift and tilt mechanism ensure no impact to the operator with the bin or falling waste debris.

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