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Hydraulic Vertical Baler with Multi Chamber Option (ENB50/5SK)


The Enviroquip ENB50/5SK Vertical Baler is supplied as standard with a single chamber.

The machine can be extended meaning that additional bale chambers can be added to convert into a twin or multi-chamber baler.

These chambers can be added at any time by a simple disconnection of a cover plate, then with a slight shift the press plunger can be easily positioned above each chamber.

This is ideal for applications where different waste streams are produced such as: Cardboard, Plastic, Cans/Tins The waste materials, like cardboard, film, plastic and Cans/Tins can be compacted according to categories after sorting – for efficient and economical recycling.

Main features:
  • Easy operation – high safety standard.
  • Fast pressing sequence, automatic return stroke, low-noise.
  • Retaining claws prevent resilient pressed material from springing back.
  • Visual signal display indicates the bale volume is reached.
  • Easy binding of the bale without expenditure of force – low bale weight.
  • Easy removal of the bale through tapering press chamber.
  • Stable compact design – low-maintenance.Special equipment
Special equipment:
  • Can press insert
  • Transport carriage
  • Additional press chambers

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