Environmental Policy

Minimising the global environmental impact of waste

Enviroquip is committed to minimising the environmental impact its operations have on both the local and global environment.

We are committed to the optimum application of the waste hierarchy and will strive to achieve the best available techniques for the infrastructure we establish, the technology we operate and the manufacturing processes we use.

The company operates in accordance with the internationally recognised management standard ISO 14001:2015, which was achieved in April 2018.

We will:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation;
  • Wherever possible, source equipment, parts and service product ranges to minimise the environmental impact of our business;
  • Ensure adequate resources are made available and that all individuals are made aware of their roles and responsibilities to facilitate effective environmental management;
  • Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are efficient as possible; and,
  • Measure our impact on the environment and set targets for ongoing improvement.