Regulations & Compliance

Ensuring your organisation’s waste management remains compliant

There are many environmental and commercial benefits to ensuring that your waste handling and recycling equipment is compliant with the latest regulations.

To get the most out of your waste management, we encourage ‘going beyond’ legal compliance, for a more cost-effective, energy-saving, eco-friendly waste handling process, from start to finish.

Reducing risk

An effective compliance program can help your business mitigate risks, preventing possible incidents and accidents from detrimentally affecting your operations and endangering on-site staff.

Our waste handling and recycling experts can advise on regulations directly relating to your waste handling equipment, as well as performing inspections, repairs, routine maintenance visits, and employee training to ensure ongoing compliance.

Increased efficiency

Reducing costs through more efficient processes is a great way to improve your profit margin.

All Enviroquip waste handling and recycling equipment is carefully selected after a detailed site audit process, ensuring the equipment installed is tailored to your site’s waste streams, volumes, and business objectives, for optimal efficiency – beneficial to your labour, production, and cost, as well as the environment.

Brand reputation

Achieving compliance improves your overall brand reputation, increasing the trust customers and other stakeholders have in your brand.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, it’s no longer enough to operate at a basic level of compliance.

Stakeholders are demanding best practice from organisations, particularly when it comes to the environment.

At Enviroquip, environmental best practice is at the core of everything that we do.

All our waste handling and recycling equipment facilitates environmental best practice throughout every step of the waste cycle: elimination, minimisation, handling and processing, collection, recycling, and disposal.

Important waste management regulations


Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations

For people and organisations who own, operate, or have control over lifting equipment


Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations

For employers who own, operate, or have control over any work equipment.

Producer Responsibility

For producers of packaging, electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), batteries, and end-of-life vehicles (ELVs).