Specialist Waste Handling & Recycling Equipment

We offer a broad range of specialist waste management and recycling equipment for a variety of waste streams and industries.

We’re problem solvers – and will recommend equipment solutions that work brilliantly, helping customers cut waste, cost and carbon.

All equipment comes with a 12-month parts and labour warranty.

Whatever your waste problem we have a solution for your business

Here’s just a few examples of specialist equipment we’ve delivered. Whether that’s a bespoke equipment build, or a standard product we’ve specified and maybe adapted, we have a solution for you.

Can & drum crushers  

Can and drum crushers are designed to keep site storage and transportation costs low, reducing your carbon footprint, and improving site safety for your team.

Suitable for plastics, PET bottles, metals, aluminium and tin cans, and polystyrene (EPS).

Waste shredders & granulators

Our reliable and durable waste shredders and granulators help transform your waste into an alternative fuel and energy source, whilst improving space efficiency at your site.

We can supply both static and portable machines for waste streams that include wood, plastic, organic waste, metals, bulky WEEE items, and even tyres and rubber.

Roll Packers

Ideal for bulky waste materials, such as large wooden or cardboard boxes and pallets, roll packers compact large, awkward waste. The equipment reduces waste volume enabling container lifts to be reduced, and collection costs cut.

Suitable for general waste, wood, pallets, green waste, hard plastics (ABS, WEEE plastics) and metals including white goods.

Bespoke waste handing solutions

We offer bespoke design and manufactured solutions to help customers solve their unique waste problems.

Deal directly with Enviroquip, designers and manufacturers of waste handling equipment, made in Britain.