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We are excited to have launched our new eco range of solar-powered waste handling equipment.

Our solar-powered static compactors have are ideal for producers of medium volumes of waste and perfect for when mains connections aren’t an option, our solar chargers accept up to 150v from the solar panels, to charge the 12v batteries at up to 45 amps. This is backed up by a 10 amp battery charger, fitted below the batteries and fitted with a 16 amp plug. This allows flexibility for alternative charging on days when the weather is not so bright, or for if you wish to charge the batteries overnight.

Download the PDF.

Solar-powered static compactor

Also announced is a solar-powered auto sheet bulk container.

Solar-powered bulk auto sheet container

Speaking on the launch of the Eco Range, Enviroquip's General Manager Ricky Longmuir commented "there will be many applications for our solar-powered compactors, not only for manufacturers to save on the need to install costly electrics in order to run waste handling equipment, but also for one off events, such as festivals. We are delighted to have been able to launch the range and there has been a really positive response. At Enviroquip, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver innovative solutions to age old problems. By developing our eco range, it allows us to further improve the environmental performance of our waste handling equipment and to really drive the market forward."

To find out more about our solar-powered range, please email sales@forwardwaste.co.uk.