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Plastic Recycling

Whether you create soft plastic packaging waste or hard plastic scrap from your production process, Enviroquip will be able to provide a Plastic Recycling and handling solution to suit your needs.

Typical applications include:-

  • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) film and stretch wrap - Commonly found included within mixed general waste destined for disposal, LDPE film can be easily baled on site ready for collection and recycling.

With baler rental options, as well as excellent material rebates and a regular bale collection service by Enviroquip, LDPE film recovery and recycling is a compelling option for virtually any commercial waste producer.

In order to prove system viability, we offer a free, no obligation two week baler site trial.

  • Other plastic polymers - We have extensive experience within the recovery, processing and recycling of virtually all plastic polymer grades, including PET, Polystyrene, ABS and co-polymer blends. Processing systems that we provide include briquetters and densifiers (for expanded polymers, such as polystyrene packaging) shredders and granulators, balers and bespoke compaction systems.

Various plastic waste types are often rejected by waste contractors and recyclers if not conforming to standard classifications. For effective Plastic Recycling, Enviroquip can demonstrate an array of applications where we have facilitated the recovery and recycling of apparently worthless plastic scrap material, including:-

  • Post production contaminated plastics

  • Post consumer mixed plastic grades

  • Co-polymer plastic barrier films

  • Metal impregnated plastic components


Please contact us to discuss your requirements