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Metal Recycling

Common metal scrap found within general commercial waste production include:-

  • Empty tins, drums and containers

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous off cuts

  • Post production swarf, turnings and fines

  • Redundant plant and equipment


Metal Recycling needn't be a burden to you, as Enviroquip provide a comprehensive range of equipment for the handling and recovery of scrap metal wastes including:-

Drum crushers and can crushers - To reduce the size and volume of empty metal packaging, including 205 litre steel drums and can crusher systems for tins formerly containing paint or food ingredients

Shears and cable cutting/stripping equipment - To reduce material size and volume, therefore enabling cost efficient transportation from site

Shredders - For volume reduction and material separation prior to metal recycling

Balers - To enable compactable metal scrap such as sheet metal to be made into a suitable format ready for collection and recycling.

 Please contact us to discuss your requirements.