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Food Waste Recycling

The imposition of current environmental controls, including IPPC, the 2010 Landfill Directive and the ABP (Animal By-Product) and Packaging Waste regulations have impacted significantly within the food manufacturing industry, as well as companies producing food waste residues as part of their core operation, such as hotels, colleges and hospitals.

An effective Food Waste Recycling and waste management system can provide a real advantage in the following areas:-

  • Waste minimisation and recycling - Baling on site to provide simple and effective segregation of recoverable waste materials

  • Compliance - Separation, collection and disposal of restricted, difficult or hazardous waste materials via self contained, leak proof compaction systems

  • Site hygiene and pollution control - Enclosed containment of putrescible wastes, thereby reducing any vermin, insect infestation or odour concerns

  • Labour demand - By analysing waste traffic flows and assessing labour input requirements we can significantly reduce site labour demand in the handling and management of waste materials

  • Employee Health & Safety - Implementation of automatic loading systems to reduce manual handling risks

  • Cost control - Ensuring the most practicable and cost effective disposal route as part of the waste hierarchy of minimisation, reuse, recycling and disposal.


Your Enviroquip consultant will identify the Food Waste Recycling, waste improvement and cost reduction opportunities at your site and concisely detail the system options that would be suitable, including:-

ENP15 and ENP32 self contained liquid retentive waste compaction systems, collected either by skip or Rollon/Rolloff truck, with compactor size, capacity and loading configurations

Vertical and both semi or fully automatic horizontal baling systems, with a comprehensive range to produce finished bales from 50 to 750kgs

Containers, bin lift systems and air assisted extraction systems to reduce labour demand

Shredders and dewatering/de-packaging systems to release recoverable wastes for alternative disposal.

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