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Waste Compactors

Waste Compaction Systems

Static - Portable - Rotary Screw Compactors: 

  • Static waste compactors  - Usually bolted down onto a suitable slab base, the static waste compactor will then be attached to a demountable container, provided by the waste contractor. Having loaded waste into the compactor, it is then compressed into the container, with a warning light pre-set to advise the operator when the container is nearly full, ready for collection. We supply a range of static compactor models to suit each application, including automatic loading options to reduce labour demand and improve site safety. 

  • Portable waste compactors - Often employed for applications where food waste residues are produced, the benefit of a portable waste compactor is that all materials placed within it are contained, including any liquids. When full, the entire unit is lifted from site for emptying and return.

  • Rotary screw waste compactors - The perfect choice when large amounts of waste are produced, the screw compactor can achieve significantly higher filling weights saving on collection frequencies resulting in potential customer savings as well as reducing the impact on the enviroment. This type of waste compactor has a very compact footprint as well as a comprhensive range of pre-feeding options and can be tailored to suit individual customer's needs to include hand fed from ground / platform / through building options with automatic bin lifter as well as automatic conveyor feeding options available. 

With a full spectrum of both new and refurbished waste compactors available for purchase and rental, we have suitable waste compaction system for almost any application.

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