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Cardboard Recycling

With increasing landfill disposal costs including Landfill tax, currently at £82.60 per tonne from the 1st April 2015, combined with the Landfill Directive which obligates commercial waste producers to pre-treat general waste via segregation prior to landfill, there has never been a better time to use Cardboard Recycling Services and to  make sure that any recyclable cardboard is recovered from general dry waste.

Dependent on the operation of your business and the type, size and quantity of cardboard materials produced, we will specify the best means of preparing and converting loose cardboard waste ready for collection and onward recycling.

Typical methods of cardboard volume reduction include:-

  • Compaction -   By using a static compaction unit, typically with a Rollon/Rolloff type enclosed compactor container, average container load weights of 3 to 3.5 tonnes will be achieved. Enviroquip can arrange to collect the compacted cardboard from your site for recycling at competitive collection rates whilst offering the best possible material rebates.

  • Baling - Baling cardboard on site provides a space saving alternative and allows cardboard to be stored on site safely and efficiently prior to collection. For larger volume producers, typically with over 1.5 tonnes of recyclable cardboard per month, we recommend the conversion of cardboard into ½ tonne "Mill" size bales, as cardboard in this format is suitable for direct transportation to the recycling mill for conversion back into premium material, thereby enabling the best possible material rebate values to be achieved.


As exclusive agents for the world renowned Bramidan range of balers, Enviroquip are able to provide the most comprehensive range of vertical and horizontal baler options to suit your requirements and Cardboard Recycling needs. A full complement of pre-owned balers and compactors are also available from our own stocks, all refurbished to a superior condition prior to delivery and installation, either by sale or via our own in-house rental company.

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