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At Enviroquip we challenge conventional thinking, always looking for better ways to improve waste handling and resource management for our clients, using innovative and carefully specified equipment to protect the health and safety of staff, enable environmental best practice and deliver production efficiencies.

Living by our core focus of reducing waste in every way , we constantly seek out all possible means to enable our customers to eliminate waste production and find better ways to recover and reuse all resource materials.

Our waste management and recycling knowledge means that we are leaders in the manufacturing and supply of waste compactors, vertical and horizontal balers, containers and associated waste handling equipment for waste management and recycling applications across the UK.

There are lots of companies that do what we do. They have the same what but they don’t have the same how, why, and who.


We pride ourselves on our process, our craft and our attention to detail, approaching waste handling and recycling equipment from the waste producer’s point of view.

We’ll visit your site to conduct a comprehensive waste management survey; once we have a true understanding of your waste streams, volumes and business objectives, we will provide expert and impartial advice on the most practical and effective waste handling and recycling equipment. Enabling you to minimise your waste, improve your green credentials, mitigate risks and cut down your operational costs.

Our commitment to quality starts with the quality of our proposals. Our detailed proposals compare your current waste management processes and equipment to our recommendations, outlining your predicted return on investment, not just the equipment specifications.

Starting with the aim of waste elimination at the point of waste production, our team of in-house experts will recommend the most appropriate waste management and recycling equipment for all applications and waste streams, demonstrating how they integrate seamlessly with your daily manufacturing operations. We’ll even demonstrate our recommended equipment and its effectiveness on your actual waste by collecting a sample and running it through our machines.

We’re so confident in the accuracy and effectiveness of our proposals that all of our equipment comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.


At our core we are a team of waste and resource management professionals, designers and engineers that combine to think laterally to overcome obstacles for our clients. 

Frustrated with the industry’s approach of ‘basic compliance’ and ‘one size fits all’, we exist to create waste handling and recycling equipment that operates at the pinnacle of environmental and human safety.

Our waste handling and recycling equipment provides a safe and healthy working environment that aims to eliminate injuries, improves health and productivity at work, reduces pressures on the environment and complies with all relevant laws, regulations and best practices.

The skill of our in-house engineers is evident in the creation of safety systems that are fully compliant with regulations and standards, yet are user-friendly, cost-effective and built to exceed the operating environment.

As active members of CHEM, the Container and Handling Equipment manufacturers association, we design and build all of our waste handling and recycling equipment to the latest British and European safety standards.

Machinery safety in the UK is also driven by Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) and Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) and by opting for waste handling equipment from Enviroquip, our clients can rest assured that they will remain LOLER and PUWER compliant.

Our designs and manufacturing processes constantly evolve as standards improve ensuring the highest levels of build quality, environmental protection and operator safety. 


Over the last 20 years, we have recruited the best people, evolved the brightest ideas, utilised the latest technology and refused to follow the crowd. 

Aftercare and training

As part of our commitment to quality and innovation, we offer an unrivalled aftercare package. This starts with the quality of our onboarding and installation process conducted by our in-house engineers and support staff. 

Our qualified engineers are long-serving employees with proven ability and a real understanding of waste management processes. 

Before the installation of your new Enviroquip waste handling and recycling equipment, our engineers will work with your team to devise and deliver an in-depth training plan. This will include ongoing support, including training for new members of staff and refresher courses when needed.

Our knowledgeable team will keep your staff informed of regulatory and industry updates, ensuring compliance, safety and optimum efficiency.

Our history

Enviroquip was established in 1998, providing commercial and municipal waste producers with practical waste management and recycling systems, including compactors, waste balers, shredders, and containers. 

For years our clients asked if we could extend the same high levels of quality and service that they had become accustomed to with our equipment range, to a total waste management service. 

Not one to disappoint, in 2006, Forward Waste Management Limited was formed within our business group, providing total waste management facilities for the collection, recycling, and disposal of all waste streams, including recyclables, general waste and hazardous waste materials.

This comprehensive approach offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ waste management service – a true total waste management provider.

Our products

Enviroquip supplies the most comprehensive range of waste compactors on the market, from static and portable hydraulic compactors in a range of sizes and loading options, to our exclusive range of high-performance rotary screw compactors with optimum load weights for large volume waste streams.

Each machine is designed and built to the highest standards to ensure safety, performance, reliability, and longevity, no matter the application.

We are also manufacturers and suppliers of a comprehensive range of waste baler models including vertical, semi-automatic and fully-automatic horizontal balers.

Our waste handling and recycling equipment is available on an outright purchase basis, or a cost-effective rental or lease agreement with a fixed monthly cost, inclusive of all service and standard repair costs. Enabling you to budget easily and start your greener, safer, more efficient waste management journey without the need for capital outlay.

All of your waste handling and recycling containers and waste consumables can also be purchased from Enviroquip from wheelie bins, recycling bins, baler wire and spill control.

Our Accreditations